Phyris Luxesse Refill Wrinkle Removal Cream 50ml

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PHYRIS LUXESSE PHYRIS line Strong creams with a Botox-like effect on the skin. The strongest plant extracts have been enriched with hyaluronic acid, black pearl and natural violets for maximum effect and luxury. LUXESSE REFILLAX VERSUALLY REFILLAXING CREAM and creamy hyaluronic preparation fills wrinkles and delays the formation of new ones. It tightens and firms the skin, strongly moisturizes and smoothes out contours. It increases the synthesis of lipids, improving skin structure and elasticity for a long time. Passion flower extract relaxes facial muscles and cocoa butter and shea butter lubricates, nourishes and regenerates the skin Skin becomes uniform and more radiant Composition: shea butter cocoa butter Black pearl Passion flower extract - botox like Wit.

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