Pearls + foam for hyperkeratosis + 4 in 1 grater + FREE lipid cream 10 ml

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A cosmetic set consisting of :- Softening hand and foot bath beads with urea and vitamin E PODOFLEX Podopharm 400 g- Foot cream in foam for keratinization PODOFLEX Podopharm- Professional Wooden Foot Trowel Premium+ 4 in 1 for professional and home use. PODOFLEX Podopharm Lipid Foot Cream 10 ml Softening hand and foot bath beads with urea and vitamin E PODOFLEX Podopharm 400 g For hand and foot bath. Before the treatment, manicure, pedicure and relaxing full body baths. For skins in need of regeneration and hydration. Recommended for diabetics.

Concentrated pearls contain as much as 97% of urea and vitamin E called "vitamin of youth" which effectively combats free radicals. The pearls perfectly refresh and soothe the most demanding skin. The presence of the fruity aroma exceptionally introduces a state of relaxation. Directions for use: Dissolve 1/2 of the cap of the pearls in 3 litres of warm water max.38º C.

Recommended hand and foot bath about 10 - 15 minutes. Then rinse hands and feet, dry thoroughly and proceed to the next stage of treatment.

Manufacturer : PODOPHARM Capacity: 400 g PODOPHARM - is a Polish company established in 2014, whose mission is to transfer innovative solutions for the development of podology. Podiatry is a branch of science dealing with the broadly understood problems of diseases and foot care. In order to provide its customers with products and services of the highest quality, PODOPHARM® cooperates with independent research units and experts in the medical, cosmetic and production engineering sectors. PODOFLEX Podopharm Keratinized Foot Cream PODOFLEX Podopharm For daily care of dry feet with a tendency to keratinize the epidermis. Recommended for diabetics.

Concentrated preparation in the form of light foam. Thanks to its 15% urea content, the cream prevents excessive keratinization of the epidermis. Almond oil present in the preparation is a wealth of oleic acid, linoleic acid and vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, D and E).

The content of allantoin and marigold extract soothes irritations, supports renewal of damaged epidermis and has softening effects. Thanks to its consistency, the foam is perfectly absorbed, leaving feet moisturised and smooth.

Use:Shake before use. Holding the package in an upright position, squeeze an appropriate amount of foam about 3cm in size. Apply to clean and dry foot skin. Massage until fully absorbed. Use 1-2 times a day.

Ideal for the end of medical and cosmetic pedicure.Producer : PODOPHARM Capacity: 125 ml Professional Wooden Foot Trowel Premium+ 4 in 1 for professional and home use. Graduation 80/100/240 ( sharp / daily / delicate) Four effective abrasive surfaces will easily handle the hard to remove keratinized skin and at home will manage to achieve the effect of well cared for and groomed feet.

Two large abrasive surfaces quickly eliminate dead skin, while the white round SOFTSPOT with a delicate abrasive surface will perfectly finish the pedicure treatment, leaving feet soft and smooth. Using a narrow FITPASCA grater placed on the side, it is easier to reach hard to reach places on your feet.

Special features: 4 different abrasive surfaces Hanging loop Waterproof FSC certified antibacterial membrane SILD Lipid Foot Cream PODOFLEX Podopharm 10 ml For dry feet with a tendency to excessive keratosis. Recommended for diabetics. The preparation creates a unique combination of natural fats from butter oil, soybean oil, lanolin and glycerine. It contains goji fruit extract, which effectively fights free radicals, slows down the skin aging process and is rich in vitamins C and B. The presence of allantoin soothes irritations and helps to regenerate damaged epidermis.

Thanks to its consistency, the cream is perfectly absorbed, leaving feet soft and smooth. To Use:Apply an appropriate amount of the preparation on the feet. Massage until fully absorbed. Ideal for finishing pedicure treatments.Producer : PODOPHARM Capacity: 10 ml All products are fresh with long shelf life.

Professional products used in podiatrist offices, beauty parlors and SPA. Cosmetics can be used for home pedicure treatments, manicure and comprehensive foot and hand care.

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