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A unique and universal set that EVERY woman will love! Velvet HD Powder is suitable for both traditional cosmetics and mineral products, providing the skin with a PERFECTIVE FINISHING without creating a sheet effect! Make a gift to yourself or someone close to you! Velvet HD powder provides long hours of matt finish even on oily skin, which is very demanding! Velvet HD multi-purpose fixing and matting powder is a finely ground transparent finishing product that blends with both mineral bases and traditional fluids. Velvet HD powder is a cosmetic fulfilling its functions: - Mattifying - fixing - smoothing - the skin is soft and velvety - optically reducing the visibility of pores and imperfections - works with strong lighting giving the skin a HD effect - "High Definition" The product is transparent, does not contain pigments and does not change the colour of the previously applied foundation. It can be used for all skin types, but due to its matting properties it is especially recommended for people with shiny, mixed and oily complexions.

It contains substances absorbing excess sebum, which eliminate unsightly shine. The High-Definition effect makes it contain light diffusing components, which gently lighten the skin, obliterate fine lines, wrinkles and imperfections and reduce the visibility of pores. A small amount only adds a light, subtle glow without a glowing effect (no particles) and the skin becomes soft, smooth and velvety.Velvet HD contains a minimal amount of properly selected ingredients, so only then it does not clog pores and is gentle on the skin.

Velvet HD Mattifying Powder contains no talc, parabens, silicones or mineral oils, which are harmful to the skin because they block pores and irritate the skin. The very short list of ingredients makes the powder suitable also for people with allergic and very sensitive skin, because the risk of allergy is minimized.Earthnicity Velvet HD powder is ideal for people in front of cameras or often taking pictures - it is a kind of filter that eliminates too much shine and disperses light so that imperfections are masked. Thanks to these features and matting properties, it works well with the flash and in strong light.

A small amount of the cosmetic is needed for a single application - the product is very efficient. It blends well with both loose mineral bases and traditional liquid bases. It is applied to traditional fluidized powders with an ordinary finishing powder brush, to mineral bases with a cabuki brush.

In the case of ceriums with a tendency to shine, the skin should not be pricked with hair as this will cause increased sebum secretion and faster shine of the skin. It can be used as a stand-alone product directly on the face to tarnish the skin. It has a very good reputation among make-up artists, beauticians and individual clients. Reviews can be found HERE The Earthnicity Cabbage Brush is an ideal tool for applying mineral cosmetics.

Ergonomic, short handle makes it easy to take the cosmetic and apply it precisely. Very delicate and soft bristle is synthetic, so it can be used by allergy sufferers and vegans. The brush is also recommended for people with sensitive skin and after minimally invasive cosmetic treatments, because it does not irritate or sensitize. The compact and dense bristles of Kabuki Earthnicity brush are irreplaceable for the application of mineral bases, as they ensure proper coverage.

It is perfect for application of loose powders, pressed powders and in stone. It is suitable for "rubbing" roses and bronzers. The high quality of raw materials makes the brush very durable and does not lose hair even with long regular use. It is a high quality tool suitable for professional use in beauty parlours and individual use in everyday make-up. In individual use, the brush is washed with gray soap or hair shampoo under running water every 2-3 weeks.

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