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Theo Marvee cosmetic set consisting of four full-sized rejuvenating products for rejuvenation: - Theo Marvee REVERSO ALIMENTER CREAM 50 ml - RESWERATROL AND ASTAXANTYNA - THEO MARVEE RESOGEN ESSENCE 30ML Professional essence/serum for extremely dry and alipid skin with resveratrol! THEO MARVEE REVERSO NUTRAGE EYE CREAM 30 ML - Eye cream with resveratrol and Astaxanthin - Theo Marvee COTTON MASK REPAIRING Theo MARVEE REVERSO line - Alipidic, and in addition dry and flabby skin is very prone to premature aging. This is due to the decrease in the amount of lipid components in the skin's hydrolipidic jacket, which primarily acts as a protective barrier and does not allow dehydration. Due to the low level of moisture, such skin also has a tendency to crack, flake and itch.

Théo Marvée has created a line for alipidic skin, whose ingredients introduce the right balance of the hydrolipidic layer making the skin nourished and soft. The products in this line have similar components to the skin's lipids, so they can diffuse into deeper layers, restoring the skin's protective and hydro-lipidic balance functions. Theo Marvee REVERSO ALIMENTER CREAM 50 ml - face cream RESWERATROL AND ASTAXANTYNA Anti-wrinkle, regenerating, lubricating cream strengthening the hydro-lipid barrier. The cream rejuvenates, regenerates and nourishes strongly.

It is designed for all-day care of flaccid and alipidic skin, without fatty bedding and with visible wrinkles. Regenerating and strongly nourishing cream, which is designed for all-day care of flaccid and alipidic skin, without fatty bedding and with visible wrinkles. It contains: resveratrol and astaxanthin, as well as soothing panthenol and allantoin, protecting and regenerating Shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and oat proteins, which have a strong moisturizing effect.

Thanks to the excellent composition of active ingredients, it has an intensive moisturizing and rebuilding effect on the skin structure. It moisturizes, regenerates and soothes irritations.

It protects the skin against external factors. Active ingredients: Resveratrol - one of the strongest antioxidants, which inhibits free radicals. It also stimulates the production of glycosaminoglycans, elastin, collagen and has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, accelerating the processes of skin healing and regeneration. It also increases the natural protective abilities of the skin in relation to UVB radiation. Astaxanthin - carotenoid plant dye, which is obtained from Haematococcus Pluvialis algae.

It is an antioxidant 500 X stronger than vitamin E and 60 X stronger than vitamin C. This ingredient is primarily designed to accelerate cellular renewal of the skin and protects it from oxidative damage, which is a decisive cause of skin aging. Astaxanthin also has a discoloration-reducing effect and is a natural sunscreen. It significantly improves skin's elasticity and hydration. Panthenol and Allantoin Shea Butter Cocoa Butter Application:Apply morning and evening on clean face, neck and décolleté.

Capacity: 50 ml THEO MARVEE RESOGEN ESSENCE 30ML Professional essence/serum for extremely dry and alipid skin with resveratrol! The Resogen Serum / Essence contains concentrated resveratrol - one of the strongest antioxidants, which inhibits the action of free radicals, stimulates the production of glycosaminoglycans, collagen and elastin, and has an anti-inflammatory, soothing, accelerating the healing and regeneration processes. It also enhances the skin's natural protective abilities against UVB radiation. It ensures its elasticity, firmness and healthy, radiant appearance. Use: The serum can be introduced manually or with a needleless mesotherapy device, sono- or iontophoresis.

Use overnight, apply Reverso cream with resveratrol on the serum if necessary. Capacity: 30 ml THEO MARVEE REVERSO NUTRAGE EYE CREAM 30 ML - eye cream with resveratrol and Astaxanthin Smoothing, rejuvenating and nourishing eye cream, which is intended for intensive care of alipidic skin, without fat, flaccid and visible wrinkles. Thanks to very well composed active ingredients it perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin. It eliminates bags and dark circles under the eyes. Soothes irritations and beautifully shapes the contour of the eye.

Active ingredients: Resveratrol Astaxanthin Grape Oil Caffeine Panthenol Hyaluronic Acid How to use:Apply morning and evening to cleansed eye area. Theo Marvee COTTON MASK REPAIRING Repairing and regenerating Ceramide Mask in a lobe with peony extract and fruit acids. COTTON MASK REPAIRING Repairing Lobe Mask with strong regenerating, anti-wrinkle and refreshing properties.Active ingredients contained in the mask: - peony extract - has detoxifying effect, - fruit acids - with anti-wrinkle and refreshing properties - ginkgo biloba extract - protects cell membrane, prevents skin aging - glycoproteins - have immunostimulating effect, i.e.

they influence the skin's immune system, strengthening natural protective mechanisms of the skin, weakening with age. Method of use: After removing the mask from the package, fit tightly to the face. Leave for 20 minutes and then remove. Massage the remaining gel into the skin.

Finish the treatment with an appropriate cream Pack: 1 lobe Cotton Mask - these are the masks on the cotton lobe, which are fully natural and perfectly adhere to the skin. Their fibres are able to absorb and give away the maximum amount of moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, effectively improving skin condition.

A professional product, a surgery treatment to be performed at home at a much lower price. Masks can be used 2-3 times a week.

Before application, make a good scrub, so that the active ingredients contained in the masks are better absorbed. Peelings can be found HERE If there is still a lot of gel in the package after removing the mask, after the treatment you can put a cotton pad into the foil and use it again within 2-3 days. After opening, store in the fridge. All products are fresh with long shelf life.

Manufacturer : Theo Marvee Brand Theo Marvee is a professional, French facial care cosmetics used mainly in beauty and beauty parlors. The company was founded out of love for beauty, inspired by the idea of stopping and going back in time. The main assumption when working on cosmetic products is the desire to provide products with unprecedented power of action, which could be available to everyone and not only to the financial elite. A team of specialists creates revolutionary formulas and with the cooperation of many of the world's best laboratories, produces cosmetics that amaze more and more customers around the world.

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