Theo Marvee ROLLER Jade Roller Glass Skin Face Massager

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Manufacturer's code2F57-710EB
ManufacturerTheo Marvee

Jade Roller THEO MARVEE GLASS SKIN - Face Massager, Jade Roller! The benefits of the Jade Roller TheO MARVEE GLASS SKIN: The rollers are made of 100% natural jade. Smoothly aligned, they are safe and prevent injuries. The cold, which is emitted by the rollers, closes the pores. Swelling and shadows under the eyes are reduced. Roller increases blood circulation.

Facial massage relaxes muscles and reduces the visibility of small wrinkles. It has not only a beautifying but also a relaxing and relieving effect. The massage effectively improves skin elasticity. A larger roll is perfect for face, neck and hand massage.

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