FERULAGE Rejuvenating, antioxidant and brightening cream 50 ml Theo Marvee

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ManufacturerTheo Marvee

Theo Marvee DERMOMEDICAL FERULAGE REPAIR CREAM 50ML - FERULAGE smoothing, antioxidant and brightening cream 50 ml Theo Marvee. It has an antioxidant effect by delaying photoageing of the skin. Immediately improves the condition of the skin, brightens and gives it a glow. Professional office product for home use.

Active ingredients: - The latest generation hyaluronic acid with a much smaller molecule. This makes it easier to penetrate deeper skin layers. It perfectly nourishes and moisturizes it.

- Ferulic acid which has a brightening and rejuvenating effect. It immediately tightens and smoothes the skin. - miniHA™ - Fucocert - a polysaccharide showing restructuring, soothing and smoothing properties. - Additionally, the cream has vitamin E and regenerating oils - linseed and sweet almond oil. How to use: Apply a small amount of the cream to the face, neck and cleavage.

Apply in circular motions until fully absorbed. At home, recommended as night and day cream. All products are fresh with a long shelf life. Capacity: 50 ml Theo Marvee brand is a professional French face care product used mainly in beauty and beauty parlours. The company was founded out of love for beauty, inspired by the idea of stopping and going back in time.

The main assumption when working on cosmetic products is the desire to provide products with unprecedented power of action, which could be available to everyone and not only to the financial elite. A team of specialists creates revolutionary formulas and with the cooperation of many of the world's best laboratories, produces cosmetics that amaze more and more customers around the world.

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