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Immortale RH+ Cream and FREE Cream Anti-Wrinkle Mask SYN-AKE Theo Marvee - DERMOMEDICAL RH+ Immortale Cream 50 ml - SYN-AKE BOTULIN LIKE COTTON MASK Professional cabinet product for home use. Theo Marvee DERMOMEDICAL RH+ Immortale Cream 50 ml Rich, intensively regenerating and restructuring cream, which has a strong rejuvenating effect with the properties and power of platelet rich plasma treatments - "PRP LIKE" Immortale Cream - intensively regenerating and restructuring cream which has a strong rejuvenating effect with the properties of platelet rich plasma treatments! The cream has nourishing oils: rice, shea and tsubaki, as well as a thistle emollient, which protects the skin against harmful external factors. It also has moisturizing trehalose and jasmine butter, which has an antiseptic and soothing effect! Active ingredients: EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) - single-chain recombinant of human peptide. It has been isolated directly from the cell that codes the epidermal growth factor of human growth.

It consists of an appropriate sequence of fifty-three amino acids, which very intensively support cellular regeneration. Peptides derived from Human Adipocyte Matrix Cells - obtained through biotechnology from cell culture. They have an incredible ability to generate an unlimited number of divisions, as well as to differentiate stem cells into other cell types. They are a key element in skin rejuvenation and regeneration.

Adenosine, the building block of human DNA. One of the most effective compounds with anti-wrinkle properties. It is one of the components that can reduce muscle fibre spasms, showing strong action aimed at wrinkle reduction.

Matrixyl 3000 - an ingredient that contains matrixins and these are low molecular weight peptides. They are carriers of information about skin remodeling and repair.

They penetrate deep into the skin and thus reach the fibroblasts. They stimulate them to multiply and produce components of the intercellular matrix (collagen and elastin), which are responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin, as well as hyaluronic acid, which determines the proper hydration. Capacity: 50 ml Theo Marvee SYN-AKE BOTULIN LIKE COTTON MASK Anti-Wrinkle Lobe Mask with snake venom with properties similar to botulinum toxin (botox effect) Theo Marvee SYN-AKE BOTULIN LIKE COTTON MASK - an exclusive, rejuvenating, moisturizing, exclusive lobe mask with properties similar to botulinum toxin.

Contains Son - Ake, a peptide found in the venom of Tropidolameus wagleri snake which has properties paralyzing facial muscles, and thus eliminates mimic wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones. Syn®-Ake (snake venom) is a neuropeptide mimicking the effects of the Temple Viper snake toxin, and is the strongest relaxing peptide.

The Syn®-Ake test confirmed fast wrinkle reduction, lasting about 6 hours. However, after 28 days wrinkle reduction by 50% was noted. It has been proven that its action reduces the frequency of muscle contractions, which in effect reduces wrinkles and improves skin appearance. This ingredient has a similar effect to botulinum toxin - it has a strong anti-wrinkle effect, but it is not toxic and causes responses from the immune system, so no antibodies to this protein are formed. Effects : The skin regains its firmness and appropriate level of hydration, looks younger and radiant, and wrinkles are visibly shallow.

Use : After removing the mask from the pack, fit tightly to the face. Leave for 20 minutes and then remove.

Massage the remaining gel into the skin. Finish the treatment with an appropriate cream Pack: 1 lobe of Cotton Mask - these are the masks on the cotton lobe, which are fully natural and perfectly adhere to the skin. Their fibres are able to absorb and give away the maximum amount of moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, effectively improving skin condition. A professional product, a surgery treatment to be performed at home at a much lower price. Masks can be used 2-3 times a week.

Before application, make a good scrub, so that the active ingredients contained in the masks are better absorbed. Peelings can be found HERE If there is still a lot of gel in the package after removing the mask, after the treatment you can put a cotton pad into the foil and use it again within 2-3 days. After opening, store in the fridge.

All products are fresh with long shelf life. Theo Marvee brand is a professional, French facial care cosmetics used mainly in beauty and beauty parlours. The company was founded out of love for beauty, inspired by the idea of stopping and going back in time. The main assumption when working on cosmetic products is the desire to provide products of unprecedented power, which could be available to all and not only the financial elite.

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