Phyris Aqua Sensation Cream 50 ml anti-wrinkle cream for strong hydration

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Phyris Aqua Sensation Cream 50 ml - anti-wrinkle intensive moisturising cream Professional product, used in beauty parlours, designed for home care. Hyaluronic care with two types of hyaluronic acid: Low-molecular, which strongly moisturizes and firms the skin, and large-molecular, which is obtained from sea algae. It binds water from our skin for a long time, "pushing out" wrinkles, making them less visible. The series is ideal for use on dry, tightened and wrinkly skin. A rich moisturizing cream, designed for dry skin and any skin that requires intensive moisturization.

By moisturizing and preventing water evaporation from the epidermis, the cream effectively pushes out wrinkles, makes the skin more flexible and softens. Thanks to the content of a unique desert grass extract it guarantees long-lasting moisturizing.

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