08 OIL foot and nail polish + Arcade ointment + FREE gloves

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Arkada product set: 1. 08 OIL liquid for foot skin and nails 2. Arkada collagen ointment for dry and very dry skin 70 g 3. Cotton gloves for use after application Arkada 08 OIL liquid for foot skin and nails 30 ml Prophylactic use is recommended especially for people using swimming pools, saunas, fitness clubs or gyms. The strength of this product lies in 8 carefully selected and uniquely combined essential oils. - Oregano oil - Lavender oil - Niaouli oil - Thyme oil - Peppermint oil - Eucalyptus leaf oil - Tea tree oil - Lemon oil Effects: protects, soothes and regenerates skin and nails.

The product is very efficient thanks to the included pipe, which facilitates application. Capacity: 30 ml Cotton gloves to be used after application AARKADA Ointment: it is dedicated to dry skin of feet and hands, so it is worth to leave it on your hands, and then put on cotton gloves. We recommend to leave the gloves for at least an hour. Many people leave the gloves for the whole night, which strengthens the effect of the ointment.

Dry Skin REGENERATION - Ointment with NATURAL OILS The ointment was created for care of damaged, damaged, cracked, chapped and dry skin. It regenerates, gives a feeling of relief, and intensively oils and nourishes the skin. Recommended especially for feet, hands, elbows and knees. Ingredients: Vaseline lanolin almond oil collagen tea tree oil oregano ointment for dry skin is an original AArkada brand product.

Its formula is based on natural oils. It is a product that maintains proper and balanced (balanced) skin hydration. The ointment is quickly absorbed without leaving an oily layer on the skin.

It is very efficient. It is ideal for everyday care. It is recommended for people actively practicing sports using swimming pool and sauna. Specially developed formula allows you to use the ointment for all skin types. Capacity: 70 g All products are fresh with long shelf life.

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