Antifungal spray + silver ion foot cream + FREE ointment with microsilver 10 ml

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A set of cosmetics that includes :- Antifungal foot spray Podopharm 100 ml- Silver ion foot cream PODOFLEX Podopharm 75 ml- Hand and foot mask with SKINFLEX Podopharm 10 ml Antifungal foot spray Podopharm 100 ml For daily care of your feet as a prevention of fungus. Ideal also for people who practice sports and use swimming pools. Recommended for diabetics. The spray contains an innovative patented ingredient in a high 2% concentration of Dermosoft® Decalact liquid, which has an antibacterial effect and protects feet from fungal infections. It has a wide range of effects, including foot perspiration.

Chestnut extracts, white clover, hamamelis and rustic acid contained in the preparation reduce the feeling of heavy feet. Natural aromatic lemon and lavender oils have a relaxing effect and eliminate unpleasant odour. They lighten the nail plate.

Menthol gives the feeling of cooling. Directions for use: Spray onto feet and nails from a distance of about 10 cm. Can be applied to tights with lycra.

Use 1-2 times a day or if necessary. Perfect for starting and finishing the pedicure treatment.Producer : PODOPHARM Capacity: 100 ml PODOPHARM - is a Polish company established in 2014, whose mission is to transfer innovative solutions for the development of podology. Podiatry is a branch of science dealing with the broadly understood problems of diseases and foot care. In order to provide its customers with products and services of the highest quality, PODOPHARM® company cooperates with independent research units and experts from the medical, cosmetic and production engineering sectors. PODOFLEX Podopharm Silver Ion Foot Cream 75 ml For the daily care of athletes, travellers, active lifestyle and adolescents in adolescence.

Recommended for diabetics. The innovative formula of the cream is based on liquid crystal technology, which contains a patented ingredient in a high 2% concentration of Dermosoft® Decalact liquid and silver ions, which have an antibacterial effect and protect feet against fungal infections. The cream has a wide range of effects including foot perspiration and eliminates unpleasant odour. The natural avocado and olive oils and lanolin, vitamin E and aloe vera juice, contained in the preparation, nurture and regenerate the epidermis.

The current 5% new generation urea ensures better penetration of active ingredients. Pleasant scent of the preparation provides comfort during its application and thanks to its consistency it is perfectly absorbed. The effectiveness of the antifungal and antibacterial action of the cream has been confirmed in independent laboratory tests.

To Use:Apply an appropriate amount of the product on clean and dried feet. Then massage in until completely absorbed. Use regularly 1-2 times a day or only at night and PODOFLEX® Antifungal Foot Spray for the day. Manufacturer : PODOPHARM Capacity: 75 ml Hand and Foot Mask with SKINFLEX Podopharm Microsilver 10 ml Designed for manicure, cosmetic and medical pedicure.

Recommended for diabetics. The mask contains: cotton oil, vitamin E, shea butter, lanolin giving the effect of intensive moisturizing and regenerating the epidermis. The presence of microsilver and panthenol have soothing properties and 10% urea content moisturizes and softens the skin. Pleasant scent gives an extraordinary comfort while using the preparation. To use: Apply a thicker layer of the mask to hands and/or feet, wrap with foil.

Leave at the occlusion for 15-20 minutes. Then remove the excess with a cosmetic compress and apply the appropriate product at the end of the treatment. In case of thin layer application, leave the preparation to be absorbed and do not wash off.

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