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Set of ARKADA products: 1. Revolutionary Collagen Serum Arkada TC16 11 ml 2. Collagen Ointment Arkada for dry and very dry skin 70 g 3.

FREE - Disposable pedicure strip ideal for traveling We sell products Arkada is 100% original and come directly from the manufacturer. When purchasing, please beware of appearing "fake Arkada products" available at lower prices and in a different graphic design of the packaging. Non-original products do not have the properties and action of original preparations. Serum TC16 by A.Arkada is a revolutionary preparation, which is based on natural substances using modern technology. The serum combines high-value ingredients: Collagen, Glycerin and Tea Tree Oil.

Collagen - is responsible for the correct water level in the epidermis, regulates hydration, regenerates, softens and smoothes. Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil (Tea - Tree Oil) is a product used to fight infections and bacterial skin problems.

It has an antibacterial effect on anaerobic bacteria which are responsible for acne lesions. In combination with collagen, it does not cause skin dryness and irritation. It accelerates wound healing.

Thanks to its properties, it prevents the formation of scars. Glycerin - a moisturizing substance which thanks to its properties allows the active ingredients of the serum to penetrate the stratum corneum into the skin. This facilitates and enhances the penetration and reach of collagen and tea tree oil into the deeper layers of the epidermis.

Using the serum has an effect of preventing the recurrence of infections. This is possible, because the ingredients of the preparation were selected in such a way, that apart from nourishing and caring values, they provided the skin with those responsible for protection against infections and regeneration.

The serum has a shallowing effect on scars and accelerates regeneration of wounds after burns - it has an antiseptic effect, soothes acneous skin and acne pusiformis. The serum is a product intended primarily for skin, nail and epidermis care around nails.

The product contains a high amount of fish collagen (+-16%) and is enriched with tea tree oil. The best results are obtained with regular use of the serum at least twice a day. Changes can be felt and seen in a very short time.

Application method: Face and décolleté: apply 1-2 drops of serum with the palm of your hand on a washed, moist skin surface 1-3 times a day. It is also recommended to use appropriate peeling 1-2 times a week.

Nail plate: using the nail regeneration serum, apply small drops with a pipette under or on the nail plate 1-3 times a day. Rub simultaneously into the area around the nail shafts. Recommendations and precautions:The preparation should not be used in acute inflammatory conditions of the skin and by people hypersensitive to any of its components. Avoid contact with eyes.

In case of contact, rinse with plenty of cold water. Do not ingest! Keep away from children under 6 years of age. Store in the temperature from 5°C to 25°C. During use, it is recommended to use the protective thermos included in the package. Capacity: 11 ml REGENERATION OF DRY SKIN - OINTMENT WITH NATURAL OILSThe ointment has been created for the care of damaged, cracked, chapped and dry skin.

It regenerates, gives a feeling of relief and intensively oils and nourishes the skin. Recommended especially for feet, hands, elbows and knees. The cream we sell is 100% original and comes directly from the manufacturer. When purchasing, beware of the increasingly appearing "fake Arkada cream" at lower prices and in a different graphic design of the packaging.

Non-original products do not have the properties and action of collagen cream. Ingredients: petroleum jelly - moisturizing, protective lanolin - lubricating, smoothing action almond oil - skin care, moisturizing action collagen - provides elasticity and flexibility, regenerates skin tea tree oil - antibacterial, antifungal action oregano oil - antiseptic, antifungal, rebuilding action.

Ointment for dry skin is an original product of AArkada brand. Its effectiveness is based on natural oils. Helps in case of ringworm infection.

It is a product that maintains proper and balanced (balanced) skin hydration. The ointment is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy film on the skin. It is very efficient and its effects are visible from the very beginning of use. It is perfect for everyday care. Used prophylactically, it helps prevent bacterial and fungal infections.

Recommended for people actively doing sports, using swimming pools and saunas. Specially developed formula allows for the use of ointment on all skin types. In the case of nail fungus we recommend using: Arkada 8 Oil in the morning and collagen serum Arkada TC16 11 ml in the evening. For tinea pedis, we recommend using Arkada 8 Oil in the morning and Arkada ointment in the evening. If you frequent swimming pools, fitness centres or gyms, we recommend using Arkada 08 Oil as a preventative measure against skin and nail fungus and warts.

For very dry skin, you can also use Arkada ointment to regenerate. Capacity: 70 g FREE - Disposable pedicure strip ideal for travel Travel grater, for shorter and longer trips, taking up little space, very effective! Very durable, although ultra-thin, the abrasive strip is ideal for quick and convenient foot care away from home. The small size, featherweight and superior ergonomics will make caring for your feet anywhere super easy! The patented three-layer contoured structure gives exceptional strength while maintaining a filigree shape.

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