Cream Collagen Ointment Arcade Skin Regeneration

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Manufacturer's codeE22B-632B6
Manufacturer's codeE22B-632B6

Dry Skin REGENERATION - Ointment with NATURAL OILS was created for care of damaged, damaged, cracked, chapped and dry skin. It regenerates, gives a feeling of relief, and intensively oils and nourishes the skin. Recommended especially for feet, hands, elbows and knees. The cream we sell is 100% original and comes directly from the manufacturer. When buying, beware of the increasingly frequent appearance of "fake Arkada cream" at lower prices and in a different graphic design of the packaging. Non-original products do not have the properties and effects of the collagen cream.

Ingredients: Vaseline - moisturizing effect, protectivelanolin - lubricating effect, smoothing almond oil - care effect, moisturizing collagen - provides elasticity and resilience, regenerates tea tree skin oils (tea tree oil) - bactericidal effect, antifungal oregano oil - antiseptic, antifungal, rebuilding effect. The ointment for dry skin is an original product of AArkada brand. Its effectiveness is based on natural oils. It helps in case of mycosis infection. It is a product that maintains proper and balanced (balanced) skin hydration.

The ointment is quickly absorbed without leaving an oily layer on the skin. It is very efficient and its effects are visible from the very beginning of application. It is ideal for everyday care.

Used prophylactically, it helps prevent bacterial and fungal infections. It is recommended for people actively practicing sports using the pool and sauna.

Specially developed formula allows you to use the ointment for all skin types. In case of nail mycosis we recommend to use: Arkada 8 Oil in the morning and Arkada Collagen Serum TC16 11 ml in the evening. In case of nail mycosis we recommend to use Arkada 8 Oil in the morning and Arkada ointment for the evening.

During frequent use of swimming pools, fitness centres or gyms, we recommend using Arkada 08 Oil as a prevention of skin and nail mycosis and warts. With very dry skin you can also use Arkada ointment for regeneration. Capacity: 70 g Producer: AArkada sp. z o.o.

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