Foot ointment with urea 25% PODOFLEX Podopharm 75 ml

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Foot ointment with urea 25% PODOFLEX Podopharm For dry feet with a tendency to excessive keratosis and cracking of the epidermis. Recommended for diabetics. The preparation creates a unique combination of natural fats from shea butter, lanolin, which have a strong greasing effect. Allantoin contained in the ointment supports the renewal of damaged epidermis and has a regenerative effect. The preparation contains urea (25%) and provitamin B5, which affect the softness and elasticity of the skin and prevent re-keratosis.

Natural extracts from sage and rosemary have a toning and refreshing effect. To Use:Apply an appropriate amount on the feet.

Massage until fully absorbed. To enhance the therapeutic effect it is recommended to perform an occlusion e.g.

cotton socks. All products are fresh with long shelf life. Professional product used in podiatrist offices, beauty parlours and SPA. The cosmetics can be used for home peduicure, manicure and comprehensive foot and hand care.

Manufacturer : PODOPHARM Capacity: 75 ml PODOPHARM - is a Polish company established in 2014, whose mission is to transfer innovative solutions for the development of podology. Podiatry is a branch of science dealing with the broadly understood problems of diseases and foot care.

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