Hand and foot mask with SKINFLEX Podopharm 75 ml. 0 ml.

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Hand and foot mask with SKINFLEX Podopharm 75 ml Microsilver for manicure, cosmetic and medical pedicure. Recommended for diabetics. The mask contains: cotton oil, vitamin E, shea butter, lanolin giving the effect of intensive moisturizing and regenerating the epidermis.

The presence of microsilver and panthenol have soothing properties and 10% urea content moisturizes and softens the skin. Pleasant scent gives an extraordinary comfort while using the preparation. To use: Apply a thicker layer of the mask to hands and/or feet, wrap with foil. Leave at the occlusion for 15-20 minutes.

Then remove the excess with a cosmetic compress and apply the appropriate product at the end of the treatment. In case of thin layer application, leave the preparation to be absorbed and do not wash off.

All products are fresh with long shelf life. Professional product used in podiatrist offices, beauty parlours and SPA.

The cosmetics can be used for home peduicure, manicure and comprehensive foot and hand care. Manufacturer : PODOPHARM Capacity: 75 ml PODOPHARM - is a Polish company established in 2014, whose mission is to transfer innovative solutions for the development of podology.

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