Ointment with urea 10% 75 ml + ergonomic grater + Gratis ointment with lipids 10 ml

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A set of cosmetics that includes :- Foot ointment with urea 10% PODOFLEX Podopharm- Professional Ergonomic 2 in 1 (grater-polisher) foot cream AeroFiter MiaCalnea- Foot cream with lipids PODOFLEX Podopharm 10 ml Foot ointment with urea 10% PODOFLEX Podopharm For the care of feet with hyperkeratosis, calluses, cracked epidermis. When softening the nail tips. Recommended for diabetics. The preparation contains urea (10%) and aloe vera gel, which soften the skin and prevent re-keratosis. The ointment contains shea butter and lanolin, which have greasing properties. Arginine, vitamin E, vitamin PP, allantoin present in the ointment improves skin appearance.

Yellow clover extract soothes and tea oil regenerates and refreshes. To Use:Apply the preparation on the feet in places with excessive cornification.

Use twice a day in prophylaxis once a day. Ideal for the end of cosmetic and medical pedicure.Producer : PODOPHARM Capacity: 75 ml PODOPHARM - is a Polish company established in 2014, whose mission is to transfer innovative solutions for the development of podology. Podiatry is a branch of science dealing with the broadly understood problems of diseases and foot care. In order to provide its customers with products and services of the highest quality, PODOPHARM® company cooperates with independent research units and experts from the medical, cosmetic and production engineering sectors. Professional Ergonomic 2-in-1 (grater-polisher) foot polisher MiaCalnea Grade 100/240 (sharp / fine) Original product MiaCalnea® AeroFiter™.

A professional wooden grater-polisher with an ergonomic shape perfectly adapts to the foot, ensuring very high efficiency and comfort of the treatment. Its subtle curve increases the comfort of use and effectiveness by over 40%.

The product's originality and high coefficient of ergonomics make the AeroFiter™ an absolute leader in the group of effective and comfortable cosmetic accessories. Special features: Unique abrasive and skin-polishing surfaces (double-sided) Ergonomic grater-polish shape to fit the anatomy of the foot Waterproof hanging loop FSC Certified antibacterial membrane SILD Foot Cream with lipids PODOFLEX Podopharm 10 ml For dry feet with a tendency to excessive keratosis. Recommended for diabetics.

The preparation creates a unique combination of natural fats from butter oil, soybean oil, lanolin and glycerine. It contains goji fruit extract, which effectively fights free radicals, slows down the skin aging process and is rich in vitamins C and B. The presence of allantoin soothes irritations and helps to regenerate damaged epidermis. Thanks to its consistency, the cream is perfectly absorbed, leaving feet soft and smooth. To Use:Apply an appropriate amount of the preparation on the feet.

Massage until fully absorbed. Ideal for finishing pedicure treatments.Producer : PODOPHARM Capacity: 10 ml All products are fresh with long shelf life.

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