Set ARKADA Serum TC16 and sugar peeling for feet and hands + FREE wooden grater

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ARKADA product set: 1. revolutionary Arkada Collagen Serum TC16 11 ml + 2. sugar peeling with natural essential oils for hands and feet 70 g The Arkada products we sell are 100% original and come directly from the manufacturer. When buying, please beware of appearing "fake Arkada products" available at lower prices and in different packaging design. Non-original products do not have the properties and effects of original preparations.

Serum TC16 by A.Arkada is a revolutionary preparation, which is produced on the basis of natural substances using modern technology. The serum combines high quality ingredients: Collagen, Glycerine and Tea Tree Oil.

Collagen - collagen - is responsible for the correct level of water in the epidermis, regulates moisture, regenerates, softens and smoothes. Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil (Tea - Tree Oil) is a product used in the fight against infections and bacterial skin problems. It easily penetrates the skin and has a bactericidal effect on anaerobic bacteria, which are responsible for acne changes. When combined with collagen, it does not cause skin drying or irritation.

Accelerates wound healing. Thanks to its properties it prevents the formation of scars.

Glycerine - moisturizing substance, which thanks to its properties allows the active ingredients of the serum to penetrate through the stratum corneum into the skin. It facilitates and strengthens the penetration and penetration of collagen and tea tree oil into deeper layers of the epidermis. The use of the serum has the effect of preventing the recurrence of infections. It is possible because the ingredients of the preparation have been selected in such a way that, apart from their nutritional and caring values, they also provide the skin with those responsible for protection against infections and regeneration.

The serum has an effect of reducing scars and accelerating the regeneration of wounds after burns - it has an antiseptic effect, soothing acne skin and acne of pus. The serum is a product intended primarily for the care of the skin, nails and epidermis around the nail.

The product contains a high amount of fish collagen (+-16%) and is enriched with tea tree oil. The best results are obtained with regular use of the serum at least 2 times a day. Changes are noticeable and visible in a very short time.

Method of application: Face and décolletage: Apply 1-2 drops of the serum with your hand on a washed, moistened skin surface 1-3 times a day. It is also recommended to apply an appropriate peeling 1-2 times a week. Nail plate: Apply small drops with a pipette under or on the nail plate 1-3 times a day when applying the serum for nail regeneration. Rubbing simultaneously into the area of the nail shaft around the nail.

Recommendations and precautions:The preparation should not be used in acute inflammation of the skin or by persons hypersensitive to any of its components. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse with plenty of cold water. Do not eat! Keep away from children under 6 years of age. Store in the temperature from 5°C to 25°C.

It is recommended to use the protective thermos contained in the package during use. Capacity: 11 ml Aarkada Sugar Scrub with natural essential oils for hands and feet 70 g Ground apricot seeds and sugar crystals, which are contained in the peeling, thoroughly smooth and refresh the skin, causing much better absorption of active substances. Almond oil and coconut oil moisturize and make the skin more flexible, and the massage improves microcirculation. Additionally, the marigold extract contained in the peeling has antifungal and antibacterial properties and stimulates the processes of epidermis renewal.

How to use: Apply the peeling on damp skin and then massage in circular motions. Then rinse your feet and hands with warm water. Capacity: 70 g ONEUSE Graduation 100 professional wooden foot grater - for everyday use Exceptionally handy form, ultra light - ONEUSE™ is a dream product in professional podiatrist offices, but can also be used at home.

The name ONEUSE disposable (single use), refers to a single use during treatment on one client. At home, the same person can be used repeatedly. It is ideal for beauty parlours, spas and all points performing pedicure treatments and for home use. Manufacturer: MiaCalnea Tarki are made of the highest quality German raw materials, which do not dull or fall off.

After performing peducuire, wash the grater under running water or gently clean it with a brush. After washing, you can spray the grater with disinfectant.

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