Specialist cream for dry skin SKINFLEX Podopharm 150 ml

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SKINFLEX Podopharm 150 ml Specialist dry skin cream for hands, feet and body. It contains a rich formula whose key ingredient is octenidine hydrochloride at 1% concentration. Recommended for very dry skin, prone to irritation and allergic skin. The cream is perfectly tolerated by the most sensitive skin.

Recommended for diabetics. Effects: intensive and long-lasting moisturizing, regeneration of irritations and cracks on the skin, reduction of tendency to excessive exfoliation, elimination of itching, burning, feeling of tension and tightness of the skin, strengthening of the protective layer, restoration of hydrolipidic mantle. Method of use: Gently massage the cream onto clean and dry skin of hands, feet and body.

Apply morning and evening for 4 to 6 weeks. If necessary, apply again after a break of 3-4 weeks. In order to ensure comprehensive skin care, it is recommended to use the remaining preparations from SKINFLEX® line.

Active ingredients: Octenidine hydrochloride (1%) has a wide spectrum of action against microorganisms occurring on the skin surface, regenerates damaged epidermis by rebuilding it and soothes irritation associated with abrasions and cracking of the skin. Urea (8%) intensively moisturizes, attracting water particles and retaining them in the skin. It softens dry and keratinized epidermis increasing the penetration of other active ingredients from the preparation.

D-panthenol soothes and soothes irritated skin and effectively moisturizes it giving it softness and elasticity. Grape seed oil is the richest source of linoleic acid and vitamin E, it moisturizes intensively and for a long time without leaving an oily film on the surface of the epidermis, additionally it has soothing and regenerating properties. Green tea extract has strong antioxidant properties, slows down the breakdown of collagen fibres and protects the skin against the adverse effects of UV radiation.

It effectively slows down the aging and photoageing processes. All products are fresh with a long shelf life. Professional product used in podiatrist offices, beauty parlours and spas. The cosmetics can be used for home peduicure, manicure and comprehensive foot and hand care. Manufacturer : PODOPHARM Capacity: 150 ml PODOPHARM - is a Polish company established in 2014, whose mission is to transfer innovative solutions for the development of podology.

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