Earthnicity kit - Mineral primer + brush + VELVET HD powder

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Earthnicity Mineral Cosmetics Kit which consists of three full-size products, allowing for basic mineral makeup: - Earthnicity mineral primer (colouring mineral powder) with a capacity of 9 g - Velvet HD 4.5 g fixing and matting powder - Kabuki brush Earthnicity mineral primers - (so-called colouring mineral powders) are 100% natural products. They provide a matt finish while giving an extremely natural effect. Mineral makeup is very durable, because it lasts all day long, guaranteeing stable protection against UVA and UVB rays at the level of SPF 15. The product is non-comodogenous (does not clog pores) and gives the skin free breathing - reducing the risk of blackheads and inflammation. The content of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide calms inflammation and helps to soothe irritation and accelerate the regeneration of the epidermis. Earthnicity primers are ideal for allergy sufferers and people suffering from skin problems, due to a short list of safe ingredients.

The sparkling formula with zinc oxide content and the lack of water phase minimize the risk of bacterial development, which is extremely important in the treatment of acne changes (juvenile and pinkish acne). They are not tested on animals and can be used by vegans without fear.

ACCESSIBLE COLLECTION OF PALLECTIONS:ALABASTER - a foundation suitable for pale and very light complexion. It is lighter than Porcelain primer. This is the brightest shade in our range of undercoats.MOONLIGHT - foundation for very light and pale complexion with delicate yellow tones.

Slightly warmer than Alabaster and lighter and cooler than Sunrise.PORCELAIN - ideal for very light to light skin with a cool or pinkish pinkish tone.SUNRISE - suitable for very light and light skin with a warm, slightly yellowish tone. It is ideally suited for pottery or as a post-operative camouflage due to its yellow pigment that neutralises redness. Lighter and slightly cooler shade than Honey Beige.BISCUIT - for light and medium-light complexion with neutral shade. It adapts very well to many skin types.

Recommended for people for whom Natural Light is too warm.AMBER - A shade that adapts very well to many skin types. It can be used for medium light to practically tanned complexions. It is also used by tanned persons with light complexion.

It is lighter and slightly cooler than Honey Beige shades. It contains yellow pigments and is therefore suitable for people with capillary skin and prone to redness. For Amber foundation we recommend Honey.NATURAL LIGHT concealer - for medium light complexion with a light natural tan. A very popular shade, giving a healthy natural colour.HONEY BEIGE - foundation from light to medium complexion with a shade slightly falling into yellowish / olive / golden tones.

Ideal for complexion with warm colouring, as well as with vascular problems, erythema or after dermatological or aesthetic cosmetology treatments.NATURAL BUFF - suitable for breakfast skin or with a tan. If you have breakfast skin that is very easy to tan, this shade is for you.WARM CARAMEL - for people with a light brown or breakfast complexion in warm colours.LATTE - for dark brown complexion in warm colours. It is used for face contouring, for women who do not use lightening products.INGREDIENTS:Alabaster, Moonlight, Porcelain, Sunrise, Biscuit, Natural Light, Natural Buff, Honey Beige, Warm Caramel: Mica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxides, ultramarine blueLatte, Almond, Hazelnut, Cocoa: Mica, kaolin clay, iron oxides, ultramarine blue, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide MORE about the SUBSTANCES HERE Tips on how to apply mineral products can be found in the video HERE Why use mineral products and how to do it HERE How to increase opacity HERE The Velvet HD multi-purpose fixing and matting powder is a finely ground transparent finishing product, which is compatible with both mineral-based primers and traditional fluids.

It fulfils the following functions: - matt - fixes make-up - smoothes - the skin is soft and velvety - optically reduces the visibility of pores and imperfections - works with strong light giving the skin a HD effect - "High Definition" The product is transparent, does not contain pigments and does not change the colour of the previously applied foundation. It can be used for all skin types, but due to its matting properties it is especially recommended for people with shiny, mixed and oily skin.

It contains substances absorbing excess sebum, which eliminate unsightly shine. The High-Definition effect makes it contain light diffusing components, which gently lighten the skin, obliterate fine lines, wrinkles and imperfections and reduce the visibility of pores.

A small amount only adds a light, subtle glow without a glowing effect (no particles) and the skin becomes soft, smooth and velvety.The Earthnicity Cabuki brush is an ideal tool for the application of mineral cosmetics. Ergonomic, short handle makes it easy to pick up the cosmetic and apply it precisely. Very delicate and soft bristles are synthetic, so they can be used by allergy sufferers and vegans. The brush is also recommended for people with sensitive skin and after cosmetic treatments, because it does not irritate or allerge. The compact and dense bristles of Kabuki Earthnicity brush are irreplaceable for the application of mineral bases, as they ensure proper coverage.

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