Earthnicity Mineral Primer - pure minerals - mineral cosmetics 9 g / 4 g

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Manufacturer's code2179-38239
ManufacturerEarthnicity Minerals
Manufacturer's code2179-38239
ManufacturerEarthnicity Minerals

Earthnicity mineral bases (colouring mineral powder) are 100% natural products which have therapeutic and caring properties. They provide a matt finish, while giving an extremely natural effect. Mineral makeup is made very quickly (the foundation is applied for 2-5 minutes) and is very durable and lasts all day long, guaranteeing stable protection against UVA and UVB rays at the level of SPF 15.

Thanks to the combination of natural ingredients and light formula, the product is non-comodogenic (does not clog pores) and provides the skin with free breathing - thus reducing the risk of blackheads and inflammation. The content of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide calms inflammation and helps to soothe irritation and accelerate the regeneration of the epidermis. Earthnicity cosmetics are ideal for allergy sufferers and people suffering from skin problems, due to a short list of safe ingredients. The sparkling formula with zinc oxide content and the lack of water phase minimize the risk of bacterial development, which is extremely important in the treatment of acne changes (juvenile and pinkish acne).

Due to short and safe compositions they can be used as a camouflage after cosmetic and aesthetic treatments and for the time of skin healing. Thanks to this, we are able to cover the effects of the treatment (e.g. redness) and to maintain its effects for longer and improve the condition of the skin.

Despite their delicacy, the cosmetics are waterproof, thanks to which they protect the skin from the danger of sunburn and guarantee the durability of the makeup even during rainy weather. Resistance to sweat and water is very important for people leading an active lifestyle and using the gym or swimming pool. When gently applying a towel or tissue to a wet face, the make-up will not be removed. It is important that the skin with a tissue or a towel does not rub, because then we will wipe off the mineral product. Makeup removal is done using standard makeup removal products.

Our products are not tested on animals and can be used by vegans without fear. The motto of Earthnicity mineral cosmetics is thought-out minimalism. They combine the simplicity of ingredients with ease of use. We recommend them to all women, regardless of skin type, age or complexion. They are characterized by short composition of INCI: they contain only the highest quality, finely ground minerals.

There is no mention of parabens, preservatives and other irritating chemicals or artificial dyes. Simple application allows for quick make-up, which covers imperfections well and is very durable - it lasts all day long.

This is a breakthrough in make-up, allowing many of us to maintain a great look all day long, and possible corrections are very quick. For applying mineral cosmetics, we particularly recommend the Earthnicity no. 1 Kabuki brush, which provides optimal coverage and natural look. Each full-size primer container comes with a velvet can, which is perfect for making corrections. The cans can be used to apply the primer if you want strong coverage.

ACCESSIBLE CLEARANING OF PALLENGERS:ALABASTER - a foundation suitable for pale and very light complexion. It is lighter than Porcelain. It is the brightest shade in our range of undercoats. MOONLIGHT - foundation for very light and pale complexion with delicate yellow tones.

Slightly warmer than Alabaster and lighter and cooler than Sunrise. PORCELAIN - ideal for very light to light skin with a cool or pinkish pinkish shade. SUNRISE - suitable for very light and light skin with a warm, slightly yellowish shade. Ideally suited for pottery or as a postoperative camouflage due to the yellow pigment that neutralizes redness.Lighter and slightly cooler shade from Honey Beige.BISCUIT - for light to medium light complexion with a neutral shade.

It adapts very well to many skin types. Recommended for people for whom Natural Light is too warm. AMBER - A shade that adapts very well to many skin types.

It can be used for medium light to practically tanned complexions. It is also used by tanned persons with light complexion. It is lighter and slightly cooler than Honey Beige shades.

It contains yellow pigments and is therefore suitable for people with capillary skin and prone to redness. It is perfect for camouflage after cosmetic treatments. It can be an alternative for women for whom Honey Beige and Natural Buff shades are too dark, while Sunrise, Biscuit and Natural Light are too light. For Amber foundation we recommend Honey concealer.

NATURAL LIGHT - for medium light complexion with a light natural tan. A very popular shade, giving a healthy natural colour. HONEY BEIGE - foundation from light to medium complexion with a shade of light yellowish / olive / golden.

Ideal for ceriums with warm colouring as well as with vascular problems, erythema or after dermatological or aesthetic cosmetology treatments. NATURAL BUFF - suitable for breakfast skin or with a tan. If you have breakfast skin that is very easy to tan, this shade is for you.WARM CARAMEL - for people with light brown or breakfast complexion in warm colours.LATTE - for dark brown complexion in warm colours.

It is used for face contouring, for women who do not use lightening products. INGREDIENTS: Alabaster, Moonlight, Porcelain, Sunrise, Biscuit, Natural Light, Natural Buff, Honey Beige, Warm Caramel :Mica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxides, Latte ultramarine blue, Almond, Hazelnut, Cocoa:Mica, kaolin clay, iron oxides, ultramarine blue, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide Full size primer - 9 g- packed in a 30 ml sieve jar with a velour can attached. Also available in 2.5 g, 4 g and sample 0.5g Tips for the application of mineral cosmetics can be found in the film placed HERE Why it is worth to use mineral cosmetics and how to do it HERE How to increase the coverage can be found HERE APPLICATION TIPS: The coverage and delicate tarnishing is achieved by applying the foundation with:- an ordinary powder brush - the mineral foundation is applied like an ordinary powder (we obtain a gentle alignment of the color, matting of the skin) - kabuki brush - we make small circular movements with which we rub the cosmetic on the skin. The application starts from the center of the face towards the hairline.

We increase the coverage by adding another thin layers. After exfoliating treatments (dry skins) and at dry skin, apply makeup with a stamping motion. Additionally, from a suitable distance, we can spray the face with thermal water/hydrolat, on the principle of creating a mist.

In this way, the powder melts with the skin, leaving no powder finish and giving a natural look. Medium and full coverage can be achieved with a primer, proofer or a mixture of both. The powdery system allows for any mixing of products. Apply the makeup with a stamping motion using: - Kabuka brush - velour can - cotton pads - if you have bought samples and do not have a paintbrush yet. 1.Select the appropriate shade - Apply a small amount of the selected foundation shade on the jaw line with a cotton pad.

The right shade is the one that looks the most natural (it was practically invisible on your skin). Moisturize your complexion with a moisturizing cream - It can't be too oily or heavy as the foundation weighs in. With oily skin, with a tendency to shine, wait until the cream is absorbed, remove any excess cream with a tissue. In the case of dry allergic, mature skin, wait 3-5 minutes and apply the foundation to the fully absorbed cream (a light, perceptible film remains on the skin). This film will ensure better adhesion of the loose foundation, better coverage, quick melting with the skin and maintaining optimal skin hydration.

3) Sprinkle a little bit of the product on the lid of a full-size powder jar, on a plate or in a small bowl - this will make it much easier to take the product. Remember that you need a really small amount. If necessary, you can always add another layer or add more product only in places that require it.

4) Apply with Kabuki's brush Take the product onto the brush in a circular motion - make a few circular movements inside the bowl so that the product "enters" the hair. Before applying, brush against the edge of the lid to avoid any excess powder.

The primer with the brush can be applied in circular motions or by stamping. We recommend applying by stamping* for better coverage. The stamping method consists of gently "pressing" the product into the skin until it is properly covered. For imperfections that are not hidden under the foundation, apply concealer locally or mix with concealer. Apply it with an ordinary cosmetic pad or a small precision brush (for concealer or eye shadow) at the end of the makeup, i.e.

on the previously applied foundation.5. Take a small amount of product on the cans and gently "stamp" it on the face. If necessary, a little more concealer can be added locally to increase coverage.

Finally, it is advisable to apply the product evenly and gently in circular motions, preferably using a cabuka brush or possibly a powder brush.6 Application with a cotton pad. Take a small amount of the product onto a cotton pad and apply to the face by gently "stamping". For areas that require more adjustment, a layer of foundation or concealer can be applied locally. IMPORTANT - the cream must be quite well absorbed, but there should be a light film on the skin (if the cream is not properly absorbed, difficult to rub spots may appear).7.

It is important that the cream is well absorbed, patted and does not accumulate in creases or wrinkles. Only then gently stretch the skin under the eyes and use a brush to apply foundation or concealer. - Dry, atopic, mature skin - mineral foundation or concealer can be combined with day cream or eye cream.

Apply the colouring cream prepared in this way to the eye area, gently patting it on. You can gently stretch the skin to spread it well, so that it does not collect in wrinkles. . Apply foundation to the rest of your face according to the instructions above.8 For complexions with a tendency to visible pores, first apply Fix&Mat HD (white transparent) powder directly to the well-absorbed cream, and finally, apply the white powder again to the entire face. This will fill the pores and smooth them out.

If necessary, finish your make-up with Velvet HD Fixing Powder or Silk Glow Illuminating Powder or both of the above mentioned powdersMETHODS OF APPLICATION BY VARIOUS TYPES CERCERS Oily, acne, seborrheic - apply the moisturizing cream and the mineral foundation only after it has been absorbed. If we care about time, we can remove any excess of the cream by applying and gently pressing a handkerchief to the face. After cosmetic treatments that cause exfoliation, for dry, normal allergic or atopic skin, we recommend the application of : - the cream is not fully absorbed - while there is still a delicate film on the skin. Better coverage is achieved by applying the product with a stamping motion (gently "pushing" it into the skin) while there is still a light film on the skin. The primer combines with a moisturizing cream to give better adhesion, better coverage, while at the same time creating a creamy texture that blends with the skin after a while.

This method does not raise dry skins. - Choosing a cream with hyaluronic acid or adding a few drops of hyaluronic serum to the cream. Hyaluronic acid gives a slightly sticky texture, which leaves a film on the skin, application to this film increases the adhesion of the powder, which in turn increases the coverage, and at the same time maintains moisture and reduces the visibility of dry skins.

ATTENTION - if there are too many creams or if they are not properly absorbed, streaks may be formed during application or the foundation may happen after a short time. Therefore, the moment of application of mineral foundation on the cream must be "sensed". - Preparation of your own BB cream - a loose primer or concealer can be combined with a daytime moisturizer to form a BB cream.

Apply the cream as a foundation to the face and finish the makeup with a loose foundation. Such a safe BB cream, which not without preservatives can be prepared once a week (we don't have to do it every day and it will still keep fresh).

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