EPIGENIAL 50 ml firming, anti-wrinkle Theo Marvee Dermocrats

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ManufacturerTheo Marvee

Theo EPIGENIAL Marvee Genetic Cream50 ml - GENETIC CREAM - an epigenetic, anti-wrinkle, firming, moisturizing and regenerating cream that affects the expression of KLOTHO longevity and youth genes. It contains: Royal Epigen P5 - biomimetic pentapeptide simulating the action of royalactin, affecting the expression of genes associated with the acceleration of cellular regeneration and activation of microRNA which translates into a strong rejuvenating, regenerating and reducing the effect of free radicals - snow algae - an extract from extremophile algae found on glaciers with strong regenerating and rejuvenating properties, activating the Klotho long-life gene, strengthening the protective barrier of the skin, reducing the formation of discoloration. In addition, the cream also contains strongly moisturizing and firming silk extract and collagen, rejuvenating and adding glow, rejuvenating ginseng extract and antiseptic ivy extract. Use: Apply a small amount of the cream to the skin of the face, neck and décolleté at the end of the Epigenial treatment.

In a home treatment, apply a small amount of the cream to the face, neck and décolleté. Apply day and night. All products are fresh with long shelf life.

Capacity: 50 ml Producer: Theo Marvee Brand - is a professional, French face care cosmetics used mainly in beauty and beauty parlours. The company was founded out of love for beauty, inspired by the idea of stopping and going back in time.

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