Lotion hair loss treatment Folli-Force Theo Marvee 30 ml

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ManufacturerTheo Marvee

FOLLI FORCE Resurection Complex bottle- spray 30 ml Lotion, which is designed for an intensive treatment against hair loss and stimulating hair growth. A professional salon product for home use. Product from the FOLLI FORCE line - scalp care line preventing hair loss, causing its regrowth, strengthening and thickening based on an innovative ingredient - human follicle stem cell supernatant, Kopexil (Aminexil), sabala palm extract and Lotion esculin, contains biocompatible hair follicle stem cell supernatant, rich in growth factors and cytokines, accelerating the initiation of anagen phase. It enables hair growth by stimulating proliferation and mobilizing resting stem cells.

Thanks to the use of lotions, hair regains and maintains its density even after the treatment. Kopexil affects the inhibition of lysine hydroxylase (LH), preventing follicular fibrosis and hair miniaturization. Strengthening the anchorage visibly reduces prolapse, improves oxygenation, blood supply and nutrition, preventing premature aging of hair bulbs. Protected by the HotFlux® patent, stimulating the natural neurosignalling cascade stimulates microcirculation, oxygenation and transport of nutrients.

It activates growth factors while reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines, which are responsible for hair loss. Eskulin inducing local blood supply to the skin effectively stimulates the hair growth process. Extract from the sabal palm, which is rich in phytosterols, blocks the activity of the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, responsible for androgenic alopecia. The formula of the product is based on synergistic action of highly concentrated active ingredients, which strengthen hair from the roots to the ends. Directions for use: Spray onto wet or dry scalp where the hair is thinned out, then massage in a circular motion for 1-2 minutes.

Do not rinse off. In case of severe hair loss, use once a day for at least 8 weeks. All products are fresh with a long shelf life. Theo Marvee brand is a professional, French facial care cosmetics used mainly in beauty and beauty parlours. The company was founded out of love for beauty, inspired by the idea of stopping and going back in time.

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