PROMOTION! Strengthening Hydrating Hair Serum 30 ml Bio Agadir

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Manufacturer's code8A22-71882
ManufacturerBio Agadir

Strengthening Hair Moisturizing Serum 30 ml Bio Agadir Hair Serum Bio Agadir is a product designed for hair care and beautification by simple application. Strengthening Moisturizing Hair Serum 30 ml Bio Agadir Hair Serum Bio Agadir is a product designed for hair care and beauty by simple application. It is suitable for all hair types and is especially recommended for falling out, damaged, weakened hair. Due to its relatively light oil formula, it can also be used for hair with a tendency to oily hair.

It inhibits hair loss, strengthens the bulbs and increases the growth rate of hair, thus increasing its volume. The vegetable, oil-like, light composition makes the serum a natural concentrate of pure active ingredients.

It strongly nourishes and strengthens hair fiber. This serum guarantees proper oxygenation. Bio Agadir oil serum gives your hair a pleasant fragrance, while reducing brittleness and increasing the growth of new hair. It is ideal as a styling oil, just a small drop on wet hair is enough to give your hair shine while making styling easier.

It is also used as a hair treatment with hair massage or occasional bath oil to strengthen hair before shampooing. How to use: The serum can be used daily for hair styling using drops of the product and on the ends of the hair every 2 days and every 4-5 days for the whole hair before washing. Then wait 30 minutes to an hour or leave for the whole night and then wash your head twice. The serum can be enriched by adding hyaluronic acid. You will find the acid kit HERE! INCI: Glycérine végétale, Dicaprylyl carbonate, Ricinus communis, Triticum turgidum oil, argania spinoza, rosmarinus officinalis, fragarence.

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